Top 5 sold Phones of all time

The top selling phones are not those big and expensive ones like iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 etc. Many people have ever owned them as their first phones.

1. Nokia 1100  selling over 250 million units

Nokia 1100

Nokia 1100 is the most sold phone of all the time after selling more than 250 million units. It was launched in late 2003. The model was discontinued in 2009. Nokia 1100 was designed at California and patented or the US by the Bulgarian-American designer Dimitre Mehandjiysky.
Nokia 1100


2. Nokia 1110 selling -250+ units

This phone was released in 2005. It offered only the basics such as calling and texting. It had no camera. It was well known with its game called Snake. The battery was 900 mAh Li-Ion which was interchangeable. It is globally available, and affordable prices made it sell more units.


3. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus — 220+ million units sold

It was launched in 2014; they can’t compare with the latest iOS or Android devices regarding specs. The device was popular and had a larger screen compared to iPhone 5s.


4. Nokia 3210 selling 150+ million units

The Nokia 3210 is a GSM cellular phone, announced by Nokia on 18 March 1999. It can store up to 250 contacts, having 1250mAh battery. It consisted of varieties of colours; the device did not break ever.


5. Nokia 1200 — 150+ million sold

Well known of its battery life which could last for 390 hours standby. It had a flashlight at the top you could turn on by long-pressing the scroll up key. It was cheap and widely available.


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