Samsung to pay Apple $539 million for breaching Iphone Patent

Court has ordered Samsung to pay $539 million to Apple for violating several of Apple’s iPhone patents. This is the latest big loss to Samsung company after the conclusion from the jury. There is a little possibility if the court will appeal this.

Samsung must pay Apple $539M- CNET

This is another chapter yet of a legal patent battle between the two biggest smartphone makers. CNet reports that a jury in the US Northern California District Court in San Jose ruled unanimously that Samsung has to pay Apple a total of $539 million for breaching five of Apple’s patents related to its iPhone. It is said that Samsung infringed these five patents with Android phones it sold in 2010 and 2011.

These huge damage payments results from $533,316,606, was for violating three Apple design patents. The remaining $5,325,050 was for infringing two utility patents.

Samsung already had been found to infringe the patents, but this trial determined some of the damages.The figure is a step back for Samsung, which had fought earlier damages findings.

This trial had reconsidered $399 million of Samsung’s previous payments, so $539 million is a significantly larger sum.

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