Samsung launches Sunrise Gold Galaxy S9 Plus in India

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Samsung has released the Sunrise Gold Galaxy S9 Plus in India. The phone will be available from  June 20, but pre-orders have started today at the Flipkart and Samsung Store.

The Sunrise Gold Galaxy S9 Plus resembles the regular Galaxy S9 Plus alternatives. The new device comes along with 128 ROM and a satin gloss finish. Samsung had before disclosed the launch of the gadget along with the burgundy red Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus models. Although this model is not currently scheduled for a release in India.


Samsungs reported the Sunrise Gold Galaxy S9 Plus release alongside a new TV control widget that operates via the SmartThings app.

The new released Phone will cost 68,900 rupees (around $1,015- 101,500 ksh)

Visit the Samsung official site for more details.

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