Possibility of Android P having an iPhone X -like navigation gestures

Google has just revealed that Android P might also be having a new navigation bar with a thinner “pill-shaped” home button. This new button will replace the usual three buttons, i.e. home, back and multitasking.that have existed for decades. The OS will be having a back button and an iPhone X-style gesture navigation.

The screenshot of the latest Android report posted on the Android Developers Blog (noticed by 9to5google) shows a very different set of navigation buttons. See the figure below.Android AuthorityThe picture did not give out the functionality, but 9to5google had said earlier that Google was testing a navigation bar where an upward swipe would trigger multitasking just like that if iPhone. The button will only be visible when in use (when you’re visiting the home screen) and disappears when not in use.

Google will have the new gesture modified before the time a new Android version lands on your hands. These new changes will give app developers some time to adapt to the changes.

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