Oppo R15 Pro hands-on

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Oppo Company is dragging slowly the attention of every part of the world about its smartphones. Whether in India or China, the company has become identical with the speedily enlarging Asian phone retail. Oppo is making midrange smartphones that are affordable to everyone. What will happen if the range between a high-end and budget become narrow?

Oppo is trying to narrow this range. I believe it has its own consequences. This is the picture of  Oppo R15 and R15 Pro hands-on.


It’s Features oppo R15 and R15 Pro

Storage 128GB
Resolution 2,280 x 1,080.
OLED panel Available
Camera 20MP front-facing camera 16MP and 18.99:9
OS Android 8.1
Colours Infinity Black and Ruby Red


The phone housed a speaker at the bottom, Micro-USB port, and a headphone jack.  VOOC Flash Charge is also available on this device. Biometric security options include an elongated fingerprint reader on the rear (the correct placement) and a face unlock feature.


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