HTC U12 Plus No notch and physical Buttons

HTC U12 is back literally more sensitive than ever. It has dual cameras, dual speakers on a phone and No notch and buttons.
The HTC U12 is made of glass panels held together by a metal frame and a translucent blue colour. Actually, the gadget provides an awesome impression. HTC might have changed its Outlook over the decades although the quality of the devices continues to be excellent. The latest phone has kept some of HTC’s noticeable style, so you will not mistake it for any other phone other than an HTC.

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The HTC U12 Plus will be available in translucent blue, ceramic black and flame red.

The ceramic black will probably be the least among the three options. It’s a reflective, shiny and polished glass option that is actually more grey than black.

The translucent blue model will allow you to see some of the internals. It’s quite on the level of a clear case although it is still unique of its own.

Finally, there’s the flame red variant. This model is quite attractive amongst the three models, it seems more pink than red. Unfortunately, the flame red won’t be available immediately at launch.

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Further readings of HTC U12 Plus colour comparison for more information.

The first and foremost noticeable salient feature of the HTC U12 Plus is the lack any button in front. Gone are the front facing home buttons, fingerprint readers, and capacitive keys that used to add more bezel below the screen.

The buttons like on the side of the device are actually just bumps. They do function like the actual buttons that found on other devices but by providing vibrations to signal rather than physical clicking. This kind of button design not only feels cool, but it also helps eliminate even more areas where dust and water might seep in. I wonder how will you perform physical operations like rebooting the device.

Every phone in this lineup will be getting 6GB of RAM, though the storage options can differ. The most premium version will have 128GB of onboard storage, while the base model sports 64GB. Regardless of your storage choice, there is still a microSD card slot available for memory expansion. The 3,500mAh battery is a pretty sizeable unit that can be charged via Quick Charge 3.0 or 4.0 if you have a compatible adapter. Unfortunately, there is no wireless charging capability.

Sound consideration has been left out as well since the HTC and Boomsound returns with its dual speaker setup. One speaker is twice the call speaker up top alongside the bottom firing unit.

There are two lenses for the front-facing camera. Together, these lenses allow the HTC U12 Plus to capture proper 84-degree selfie portraits. The two lenses are similar at 8MP and f/2.0 aperture, but one takes the photo while the other senses for depth. The result is not only a broken effect but editable focal points. You can visit the gallery app and change which focus point you want in your selfie, then use a slider to change the strength of the blur.

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