Galaxy S9 Plus vs Huawei P20 pro

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Galaxy S9 Plus vs Huawei P20 pro in other word NOTCH vs EDGE, which is the best according to your point of view?
The Huawei P20 Pro provides us with a triple camera, and it was not just for the eye-catching novelty to make a huge difference in the market. The Huawei P20 Pro amazed many by launching one of the best shooters in the class. It is true that each and everyone has its type of gadget he/she likes but one common thing within us, is, we ALL love great pictures no matter the what settings they use.
According to extensive analysis which was done by the Android Authority shows that the Huawei P20 pro presents itself as a real killer Galaxy S9.
The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus give invincible point-and-shoot alternatives, yes the Huawei P20 can as well do, but it will require you to put an extra effort and learn camera software and hardware inside out. Many do not like this! This is where the difference between the Galaxy S9 Plus and the Huawei P20 pro lies.

Let’s look at these polls conducted by the YouTube and the Android Authority Site

According to the surveys performed by the Android Authority, the 5,000 votes handed the win to the Huawei P20 pro. The pier chats below illustrates the results.

But the polls performed by the YouTube audience, the 43,000 voters handed to win to the Galaxy S9. The pier chat below illustrates the result.

Some of the comments from the audience:

Galaxy S9 Plus

I like this because it doesn’t have the ugly notch on the top like the p20 pro.”

If the Huawei P20 Pro had a headphone jack it would have been a no-brainer.”

Huawei P20 Plus

Best value for money phone… OLED display… Stereo speakers… Water resistant .. best battery … Best performance .. best camera in low light .. best camera for zooming .. lack a bit dynamic range, which can be solved by software updates … runs on 8.1 which Samsung will take at least six months to push it to s9 !!! Cheaper than s9+ ..why still Samsung?


I can’t decide, they’re both great! And I can’t afford either one.”

What can we conclude for Galaxy S9 Plus vs Huawei P20 pro?

It is tough to conclude even after featuring these two types of research. The larger subscribers and followers on YouTube tends to more casual, whereas those following the website are more likely to be fan consumers. This signifies that Huawei P20 Pro is making much better in the fan community. And on the other hand, it also means that the YouTube subscribers and/or followers are more in the Northern American, who are not able to access to Huawei P20 Pro devices due to the state concerns about the Chinese manufacturers.
It could also be that the motives are driven by the video showed more of the P20 Pro capabilities which was endorsed by Kris. “I’m comfortable saying this is a better buy than the latest Galaxy phone.”

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