Essential phone is available now in more states


Essential phone

The availability of PH-1 in more countries has been considered as it deserved.

The Essential Phone has never stopped from improving since the date of release. The device has its uniqueness due to its presence of Android Oreo 8.1

Availability of the Essential Phone across countries like Canada,  France,  Japan, and the UK through the Site has made the company’s first gadget and accessories even more reachable to its customers.

Early on,  there was a limited access to the Essential Phone with only Sprint offering it in the retail location, regardless working on other GSM networks, such as AT and T and T-Mobile. Since then, Amazon has started offering an unlocked Essential Phone with Alexa.

The essential phone has come out strongly as something essential for today’s innovation -starved audience. It’s a trust melding of glass and ceramic which is the core of what it intended to try. Fellows with small hands have been considered this time.

The essential features for many such as waterproofing, wireless charging,  expandable storage and a 3.5 headphone Jack are all present in the Essential Phone.

Update: The essential phone is among the best Android phones that you can buy right now.

If its launch colors don’t satisfy you,  you must be lucky they recently announced three options for those who don’t want the previous launch colors. The latest reported colors are Ocean depth,  a slick melding of Steel and Bronze.

If you have been saving money for these colors, have in mind that they will cost $599 each, which is a $100 premium over the black and white alternatives that we first released.

Amazingly, the essential phone has announced another cool color that’s Halo Gray which is exclusive to Amazon in the US for $499.


The Essential Phone costs $464.62.
We are not yet to confirm the price of the Essential Phone in each region. We will update you after we have confirmed since the Essential Phone has dropped the price significantly since the launch date.


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